NexusFX Terms of Use

All content (anything in digital form) on the NexusFX network is protected by international copyright and intellectual property laws. By using the content on the site you must agree to the following terms. Legal action will be pursued if a person should fail to comply with the terms listed in this document. Ignorance is not an excuse and you are advised to contact us using the link at the bottom of this page if you have any queries regarding the Terms of Use.

1) Content on the web site may not be distributed, sold or reposted for any reason. All content, trademarks and names remain property of the respective owners and must not be transferred via any form, in the case of caching for instance (see term 2). The exception to this is for source code where the appropiate terms will be provided, usually in the form of a license. In general, a script may be used for personal or commercial use under the conditions that credit is given to the author through a comment in the source code (provided) and in some cases, a link to the author's web site on pages using the script.

2) Caching is allowed only under the following circumstances. The HTML and any related content is left untouched meaning that there is to be no modifications. An example is in the case of search engines, Google stores cached versions of pages indexed (View Google's cached version of NexusFX). What you are not allowed to do is disguise the cached page as if it were owned by someone else, i.e. a notice must be provided indicating that it is a cached version and a link to the actual site must be provided. This information must be clear to the user, like in the case of Google's cached pages.

3) Users may not hold NexusFX responsible for any physical, system, or other damage caused by the use of the web site or the content provided. Our discussion forums are there to help you if you have any queries or issues with any of the source code provided on this site.

4) Certain content, postings on the forum for instance, are not human validated before being posted and being visible to users for the reason that there isn't enough time to go through every posting. As a user, you must understand that some postings may contain inappropiate material. This is stated in the separate forum terms and conditions. The forums are also moderated to remove inappropiate postings as they are foung. In addition, users have access to a "Report" feature for postings, after a report is sent, moderators are notified and appropiate action will be taken.

To contact us, use our form: Contact Us.

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