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Welcome to the NexusFX Fun Pages! This is a hand picked collection of the many flash animations floating around the web. Enjoy and please read the notice and disclaimer below.

Please note: Some of these flash animations may contain profane language or offensive content and probably shouldn't be viewed by anyone, let alone minors. They are intended for humurous and entertainment purposes only. If you have a complaint or feel extremely offended by one of the animations below, please contact me.

Disclaimer: I am not the creator of the content on these pages and don't claim to be. They are owned by their respective creators and may not be modified or taken ownership of. You are allowed to re-distribute these on the condition that the flash files are unmodified, for example, links to the creator's web site may not be removed.

Flash Animations and Games

Smash the bloody penguin!
Smash the bloody penguin!

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